Refund Policy

CareWP is one of the exceptional digital marketing agencies that offer full or partial refunds to customers if they raise a ticket with our customer service after making a purchase in the next 24 hours.

Generally, we start working on projects after 24 hours of timeline to give customers enough time to think before making a refund request. Once we start working on any of the project and it is about to finish, we won’t be able to entertain refund request.

The full refund is applicable as follows:

  1. If the service purchased is not provided in the 30 working days
  2. If the service is not provided as per the description mentioned
  3. If the service is incomplete or irrelevant
  4. If the customer does not wish to proceed with the service within time frame of 24 hours
  5. If the service is copy-righted or illegal

What is the timeline for refund?
Normally, we refund at the end of every week and we will be happy to refund in 7 working days once a customer raises a ticket.  It is better to file a refund request in the next 24 hour if a customer wish to get refunding before even proceeding with the order.

Nonrefundable option
Once a service is successfully provided, CareWP will not be able to proceed with any refund request.  The customers should file a refund request within 10 working days period after making a purchase.